Air pollution in south korea

However, there are no quick-fix solutions to the problem. The problem is apparent: Designated as a group 1 carcinogen by the World Health Organization causing respiratory and cardiovascular diseases, the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development OECD estimated that outdoor air pollution was responsible for premature deaths per million people in in South Korea. But, while President Moon has taken initial measures to address the problem, as explored below, expectations for quick-fix solutions need to be tempered by the need for a comprehensive regional-based approach, which includes China.

Air pollution in south korea

Cross-sectional studies often show associations between diabetes and air pollution, although somewhat inconsistently. A Canadian study found that exposure to nitrogen dioxide NO2 air pollution was associated with higher levels of diabetes in women, but not men.

This study did not include other air pollutants, but instead considered nitrogen dioxide to be a marker of traffic-related air pollution.


These researchers used each individual's residence location to estimate air pollution exposures Brook et al. In a study from the Netherlands, researchers did not find consistent relationships between air pollution and diabetes, although there were some indications that traffic within a m buffer of the home address Dijkema et al.

A large study from the Netherlands, however, did find an association between long-term residential air pollution exposure and diabetes Strak et al. A small study found that nitrogen oxides may be linked to impaired glucose metabolism diabetes and high fasting glucose levels in German women, although the results were not significant after adjusting for multiple other factors Teichert et al.South Korea and Japan have sounded the alarm about potentially hazardous air pollution from northern China, which is expected to worsen this winter.

Air pollution in south korea

In South Korea, local media have called recent. A Group of South Koreans Is Suing China For Polluting the Air Over Seoul The sun rises over residential and commercial buildings in Seoul, South Korea, on Monday, March 13, SeongJoon Cho.

Air Pollution Deaths Cost Global Economy US$ Billion

Early this morning, Seoul had the second-worst air quality in the world, after New Delhi. According to AirVisual, an air quality monitoring site, things improved somewhat in Seoul as time went on. But as of noon local time, the South Korean capital was still in 8th place for terrible air, just. South Korea has joined the ranks of the world’s most polluted countries, with air pollution in the first months of this year soaring to record levels.

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Air pollution includes a variety of contaminants, often related to their source (e.g., traffic, industry, etc.). Traffic-related air pollution, from cars, trucks, and diesel exhaust, is the most studied type of air pollution in relation to diabetes.

Oct 10,  · South Korea's air is more than twice as polluted as the other nations' average. Seoul's pollution levels on some days rival those of Shanghai and Beijing, major Chinese cities whose pollution.

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