An analysis of clothes in different countries

The product must bring a benefit to the customer. No customer benefit, no profit. A customer benefit is the value your product or your service gives to the customer.

An analysis of clothes in different countries

Leave a comment Over the last decade, the world has seen many famous politicians. Their fame as politicians and leaders has been based on their impact to the national and global development. The top 10 most famous politicians in the world today include the following; Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud He has been acting as a king in Saudi Arabia and a religious leader where he is custodian in several mosques.

An analysis of clothes in different countries

He has contributed to the growth of Riyadh from a mid-sized town into a major urban metropolis. His leadership has encouraged tourism and foreign investments. This has seen the country earn more in foreign exchange and in setting up of more private investments.

He is also known as one of the best leaders for his charitable operations to help beggars and the less fortunate. He is known for his economy and environmental policies.

Ali Khamenei has been concerned with the environment and he has led Iranians in turning the country green. He has also unveiled a 5-year plan which will see Iran economy increase with a significant rate and also employment creation. He has been termed as one of the best leaders in history. She has been key factor in encouraging nations to work together to enhance sustainable development.

David Cameron has helped UK to establish international ties with numerous countries. He has also helped the country through the tax reform meant to balance the national budget and decrease external debts. Despite being in leadership for a short term, he has already impacted in many sectors of country.

His aim for a corruption free government has made many to like his leadership goals. Angela Merkel She is the current Chancellor of Germany. Angela has been ranked as the most powerful and influential woman leader in the world.

She has contributed to growth of German economy and the recent asylum provision to refugees from Syria. Vladimir Putin He is the current president of Russia. Putin has led to revival of Russian economy during his era as a president.

His contribution, through the army, in resolving the Syrian refugee repatriation and crisis issue has been the best among other nations worldwide. Xi Jinping Despite the high population, China has been able to perform perfectly in many sectors. Jinping, the president, has established relations with many nations which are based on business.

China has then been able to compete with the most powerful nations in the globe. Imran Khan Imran Khan is a Pakistani politician and a leader in other national sectors including education and sports. Imran Khan is also known for his philanthropist actions in social welfare works in areas such as Shaukat Khanum Memorial, Namal Knowledge City, and his Imran Khan Foundation to support the needy.

Barack Obama He is the current president of the US. He has been able to sustain the nation as economically stable despite slowdowns such as the recession. He has also contributed to the welfare of Americans through employment creation and other services to boost social life such as ObamaCare.

He is considered as one of the best presidents in the history of US. Conclusion The making of a leader is largely determined by the legacy.

In others words, what the leader is remembered for when he leaves office. In this regard, certain leaders are making a great impact in the wider society and will leave a rich legacy.Global leadership “is not about doing business abroad. It’s about managing an integrated enterprise across borders where you encounter different cultural, legal, regulatory and economic.

An analysis of clothes in different countries

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