An introduction to the appalachian national scenic trail

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An introduction to the appalachian national scenic trail

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An introduction to the appalachian national scenic trail French explorer Pedro Vial pioneered the route in and the Santa Fe Trail was established in to take advantage of new trade opportunities with Mexicowhich had just won independence from Spain in the Mexican War of Independence.

The trail was used to haul manufactured goods from the state of Missouri in the United States to Santa Fewhich was in the northern Mexican state of Nuevo Mexico.

Connecting riverboat port cities and their wagon train outfitters to western destinations, the trail was a fundamentally important trade routecarrying manufactured products from the central plains of United States to the trail head towns St.

Joseph and Independence, Missouri.

Etowah Meadery

In the sā€”30s, it was also sporadically important in the reverse trade, carrying foods and supplies to the fur trappers and mountain men opening the remote Northwest, especially in the interior Northwest: Idaho, Wyoming, Colorado, and Montana, connecting via mule trail trapper's trails to points north to supply the lucrative overland fur trade.

The limited trade traffic transited the site that would become Fort Bent in Colorado directly on the Santa Fe Trail and the short-lived trading fort name, owner, management, dates all uncertain that sat astride the Trapper's Trail and Oregon Trail junction point.

This post was only eight miles east of the site of Fort John now Ft. That Fort Bernard ran cargo mule trains to the Santa Fe is historically certain. The earlier Fort and its traders are less certain, suggesting that they might have been independents and not employees of the large fur companies.

Regardless of the lack of explicit documents, it is known the light trading with Mexico used the trail and Trapper's Trail.

Importance of Santa Fe[ edit ] Map of the Republic of Texas showing lands claimed by Texas after and present-day outline of New Mexico on the boundaries of ā€” Inthe merchant Manuel Escudero of Chihuahua was commissioned by New Mexico governor Bartolome Baca to negotiate in Washington for opening U.

Inthe forces of Rio Arriba the upper Rio Grandei. New Mexicans had grown to appreciate the relative freedoms of a frontier, remote from Mexico City. Ina small military and trading expedition departed from Austin, Texas representing the Republic of Texas and their president Mirabeau B.

Their aim was to persuade the people of Santa Fe and New Mexico to relinquish control over the territory under dispute with Mexico, and over the associated Santa Fe Trail commerce.

Having knowledge of the recent political disturbances, they believed that they might be welcomed by the rebellious faction in New Mexico. Known as the Texan Santa Fe Expeditionthe Texans encountered many difficulties and were subsequently captured by governor Armijo's Mexican army under less than honest negotiations.

They were then subjected to harsh and austere treatment during a tortuous forced march to Mexico City, for trial and imprisonment. Christy wrote the president of Texas, Sam Houstonrequesting support for a scheme by Charles Warfield to raise forces to overthrow the Mexican provinces of New Mexico and Chihuahua and return half of the spoils to the Republic of Texas.

Sam Houston agreed, with the provision that the operation be held under the strictest secrecy. Charles was made a colonel and attempted to raise volunteers in Texas, St.

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Louis, and the southern Rockies for a Warfield Expedition. He recruited John McDaniel and a small band of men in the proximate vicinity of St. Louis, giving McDaniel the rank of a Texas captain.

The news media reported that Americans and Mexicans were outraged by the crime. Local merchants and citizens at the U. He made an unprovoked attack on Mexican troops outside of Mora, New Mexicoleaving five dead. Warfield's horses were lost in Wagon Mound to the Mexican forces which had made chase, and after reaching Bent's Fort on foot, Warfield's men disbanded.

In February, Colonel Jacob Snively had received a commission to intercept Mexican caravans along the Santa Fe Trail, similar to the commission received by Warfield the year prior. After disbanding the volunteers under his command, Warfield located and joined the man Texas "Battalion of Invincibles," under the command of Snively.

New Mexico governor Manuel Armijo led Mexican troops out of Santa Fe for the protection of the incoming caravans, but after the Invincibles wiped out an advanced party led by Captain Ventura Lovato, the governor retreated.

Following this battle, Snively's force was reduced to little over men due to resignations. George Cooke allowed the Invincibles to return to Texas after disarming them. Inwith all the political bickering over railroad legislation, entrepreneurs opened their pockets and set their sights on the American Southwest leading to the gradual construction east to west of the Atchison, Topeka and Santa Fe Railway ; the name eponymously reflecting the intentions of the founders, the expected eastern terminus to be in Atchison, Kansas.

When a railroad bridge was built across the Missouri River to connect eastern markets to the Dodge City cattle trail and Colorado coal mines, the railroad spurred the growth of Kansas City.

Kansas City was on the opposite shore from Saint Joseph, Missourione of several trail head towns feeding settlers into the American West. Building the railway so that it extended westwards to destinations in and beyond the New Mexico border was delayed and kept the fledgling railroad gasping for cash.

In a move to bootstrap their own base market, the railway began offering packaged "Shopping Excursion deals" to potential buyers desiring to look over a real estate parcel.

An introduction to the appalachian national scenic trail

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