Business writing training seattle

Strong English skills are invaluable as you continue your education and crucial to almost any career path you may be considering. English studies open the door to life-long pleasure and enrichment. Choose from classes in literature, film, composition, grammar, creative writing, technical writing, integrated studies or independent study.

Business writing training seattle

Still clinging to "old" business writing and usage ideas? Professional examples of how modern, written business communication should sound Why a casual, friendly tone is key to contemporary business communication Strategies for eliminating stiff, formal language and avoiding wordiness Understanding why concise communication is imperative today, whether you're writing a formal report or an e-mail Most-often misused words in business documents, including words that don't exist "Must-Know" Grammar Basics for Blunder-Free Writing Image-crippling mistakes to avoid: Grammar blunders that professionals most frequently make What a misplaced modifier is and how it can wreak havoc with your meaning A simple way to make sure your subjects and verbs agree -- guaranteed!

How to use active verbs and voice to communicate more powerfully Wake up your readers by slashing adjectives and dumping unnecessary adverbs Tips for using varying sentence patterns and sentence lengths to express your ideas Less is more: Punctuation mistakes that are instant credibility killers -- ones you'll never again make!

Avoid "comma-itis" by knowing when a comma is essential Easy ways to keep semicolons and commas straight Correctly using apostrophe-"s" or "s"-apostrophe to keep your meaning clear When and why to use parentheses Understanding when you need quotation marks and how to use them with other punctuation Punctuation rules that were made to be broken and when it's a good idea to break them Secrets of Goof-Proof Spelling A list to keep at hand from now on: The most-often misspelled words in business communication 5 golden spelling rules every professional should memorize "Occuring" or "occurring"?

The handy rule for adding word endings Hear are example of why you can't depend on spell-checker to get your spelling write all the thyme Resources to check for the correct spelling of the newest words in our ever-evolving language New Business Usage Standards:Certificate in Business Writing - Online Whether you are writing a report, memo, letter or publicity notice, business writing has some defined characteristics for success.

Successful communicators in the workplace move forward, others move back. Seattle Artist "Thank you so much for following your vocation because in doing so you've opened up a world of opportunity for other people to find their path. You have created magic." SeattleCoach Training Program Participant.

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Earn your Certified Business Analysis Professional (CBAP) certification with training from New Horizons Seattle. Enroll today and promote your career. Student Login. Search Site search.

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Cart. Seattle Training and Certifications. Microsoft Office. Writing Effective Business Cases BA04 - Eliciting and Writing Effective. Business Grammar & Proofreading is a new one-day workshop that features a phenomenal, "no-fear approach" to business grammar and proofreading skills.

This skill-packed program has been designed for busy professionals like you who want a super-fast, easy way to brush up on grammar, spelling, proofreading, and business usage.

business writing training seattle

Current Technical Writing Classes. Technical Writing Certificate - Inclusive. Salary scales for Technical Writers range from $79,$, in the greater Seattle area (Glassdoor). is your one-stop source for finding Business Writing training courses in Seattle, Washington. currently lists Business Writing training courses in and nearby the Seattle region, from 2 of the industry's leading training providers, such as Software Skills Training.

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