Canada role in the united nations essay

Rarely has the international community been so intensively focused as now on the need to revamp and adapt our international institutions and organizations to the requirements and needs of a new age. Discussions of this kind are by no means unprecedented. For what is commonly described today as "UN reform" has always been on the agenda of the organization in one way or another.

Canada role in the united nations essay

Canada and the World, focuses on relations and foreign policy, which Canada had with the international organizations such as the United Nations and international powers such as the United States and Great Britain.

It is vital to note that this endeavor was aimed at gaining power and influence in the international arena.

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It also examines the flow of democracy and politics between Canada and the rest of the world, in a period subjected to the cold war, as well as shifts in international powers. After World War II ended, Canada as a middle-powered country took an activist approach when handling international issues with an aim of obtaining power, as well as an influence over the rest of the world.

Additionally, the author states that Canada was involved in humanitarian activities, in crises such as the Vietnamese, Congo and Korean wars in an attempt to obtain the much needed influence which is on an international level.

This automatically implies that the country was, at that time, faced with problems that forced it out of the international scene. Introduction In the book, Bothwell attempts to explain why Canada, which seemed to be a promising and successful nation, came to be undervalued, unrecognized and eventually had to stand behind the scenes during international agenda.

Additionally, the book focuses on international affairs, which mean that any reader interested with foreign policy, politics, as well as cultural and economic relations, will find the book insightful.

I hence intend to focus on the fall of Canada, Canada role in the united nations essay was formerly an influential and powerful state, as a direct result of poor leadership strategies and misinformed decision-making.

A Critical Analysis of the Book According to Bothwell, Canada played a helpful role in the creation and shaping of international organizations, as well as agencies, with an interior motive of becoming an influential international figure.

For instance, in the s, Canada invested in Europe and especially Great Britain without having the insight that Britain was a falling nation Bothwell It was at this time that countries that developed the atomic bomb such as Britain and America were in power.

It can be noted that when Canada invested in this venture, it had no idea that America was going to use the atomic bomb to blow up Japan, Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Although this single action led to the end of the World War, Canada was viewed as a partner in the development of the most horrific and dreadful bomb in the world Bothwell Moreover, it made other countries to lose trust in Canada as it was now viewed as a secretive nation.

This examination makes it evident that Canada was more involved in the UN peace keeping missions in an attempt to obtain influence on an international level. It can be noted that the Pearson government was very determined to win the hearts and minds of the world leaders, as well as the international community by being more involved in the Korean War.

It is evident that Canada was involved in resolving the Suez Canal crisis and the author argues that Canada, at this moment, clearly defined its foreign policy. Canada played a humanitarian role in the Suez Canal crisis where Pearson proposed a peacekeeping force at the UN general meeting Bothwell An analysis of the book discloses the reality that Canada was also involved in the Vietnamese War while a member of the ICC.

Canada role in the united nations essay

For instance, the book reveals that during the war Canada gained the trust of America, and as a result, they engaged in trade which seemed to benefit Canada. It can be seen that Canada chose to take the side of the America because it knew that it could gain from the super power in the form of trade relations.

At this stage, the author gives a detailed description of the Geneva Convention, and how Canada pulled out of the Cold War, as well as refused to help the French regain its colonies, which were Cambodia, Vietnam and Laos. Additionally, Bothwell presents a letter which Pearson had written to St.

Here, Bothwell uses actual historical letters to reveal the fact that Canada refused to help the U. When it comes to foreign policy, Bothwell succeeds in portraying Pearson as appeasing and weak when dealing with French relations.

It was during this period that Canada was heard on an international level, which means that Canada needed to take advantage of this golden age for it to become a super power in the future. However, Diefenbaker was incompetent as a leader and a strategist because he was unable to undertake mutually beneficial trading activities with both Britain and South Africa.

For instance, Canada played a humanitarian role in the Congo crisis at the beginning of the s where it joined the Operation des Nations Unies au Congo ONUC restore peace in the warring nation.

In addition, the author discloses that Diefenbaker had difficulties when it came to trading with communist states because he had already accepted British policy, and as a direct result, he was against communism.

He as well supports his thesis by revealing to his readers that the Canadian leaders had been influenced by the activities, as well as the policies of the British to the point that they failed their country.The Trust for Sustainable Living is pleased to invite schoolchildren around the world to share their ideas on the role young people can play in helping to conserve and sustainably manage Life on Land (United Nations SDG #15).

Until women and girls can live free of fear, violence and insecurity, the world cannot pride itself on being fair and equal, United Nations Secretary-General António Guterres said on Monday, commemorating the International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women, marked annually on 25 November.

Role of the United Nations Essay Words 7 Pages In its forty years of existence, the UN has grown into several roles in the international community, hitherto left undone by the system of states.

Canada role in the united nations essay

Chapter 9. Social Stratification in Canada Figure The car a person drives can be seen as a symbol of money and power. They allow the United Nations and Population Reference Bureau to compare and rank the wealth of all countries and consider international stratification issues (

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