Nasw science writers 2012 electoral votes

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Nasw science writers 2012 electoral votes

Since the volume, velocity, and variety of data are rapidly increasing, it is increasingly important to develop and apply appropriate techniques and statistical tools. However, is it true that Big Data changes everything? Governmentscorporationsand employers are already collecting too? We might worry about this because of concerns of privacy, but we should also worry about what might happen to analyses that are excessively focused on the data.

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There are questions that we should be asking more often: Which data and why? Which analysis tools and why? What are their assumptions and priors? They cover broad topics related to politics, economics, science, life, and sports.

They also successfully predicted the US elections on a state-by-state basis, though they stuck to the usual script of treating it as a horse race: Their statistics are usually sound, but maybe they should be more forthcoming about the assumptions and uncertainties involved.

Another article about corporate cash hoarding was criticized by Paul Krugman and others for jumping to conclusions based on revised data. Maybe Nate Silver should leave these topics to the experts and stick to covering sports?

He does that really well. Piketty has been criticized by conservativesand he has successfully responded to these critics. His proposal for a progressive tax on wealth has also been criticized by some. I want to make a different point though.

For example, as argued by Russell Jacobyunlike Marx in Das Kapital, Piketty takes the current system of capitalism for granted. We always need to be grounded in data, but we need to be careful about how we interpret analyses of them.

Not so, according to Foreign Policy.

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Part of the problem is that it was published in French, while most monitoring systems today emphasize English-language material. This seems to be another case of people jumping to conclusions to fit a popular narrative. What does all this mean for Science?

But as these examples show, we have to be careful when utilizing them and interpreting their results. When some people conduct various kinds of statistical analyses and data mining, they act as if the data speak for themselves.

So their conclusions must be indisputable!

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But the data never speak for themselves. We scientists and analysts are not simply going around performing inductioncollecting every relevant datum around us, and cranking the data through machines. Every analysis has some assumptions.

We all make assumptions about which data to collect, which way to analyze them, which models to use, how to reduce our biases, and how to assess our uncertainties.

nasw science writers 2012 electoral votes

And any analyst who does not clearly disclose their assumptions and uncertainties is doing everyone a disservice. Scientists are human and make mistakes, but these are obvious mistakes to avoid.Aug 16,  · Jeffrey "Jeff" Weld (born August 17, in Glendale, California) is a science educator serving as executive director of the Iowa Governor's STEM Advisory Council STEM since its launch in July, He is an Associate Professor of Biology at the University of Northern Iowa (UNI) in Cedar Falls, Iowa.

Weld is a prolific author, focusing on surmounting impediments to high quality science . Science Tutor Ks2 Science Science And Technology News Primary Science Science Education Science Ideas Teaching Science Higher Education School Design Forward The ASE is a community of teachers, technicians, and other professionals supporting science education and is .


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Despite corruption being a major concern in Zimbabwe and many other Global South countries and being a chief contributor to poverty, it continues to receive minimal attention from the social work.

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