Postcard writing activity

This postcards ESL activity can be a useful method for getting students interested in writing a personal message to a friend from a travel destination of their choice. First, create a simple postcard template in Word or any other word processor program. One side should be blank.

Postcard writing activity

Thank you for your input. Thin piece of cardboard, approximately the size of a postcard Pen or pencil Colored markers Book about life in Africa, such as: Have your child go to the library or go online and find some information about Africa. To narrow the search down, suggest that he focus on a particular country or activity such as Namibia or touring sand dunes.

Then ask him to pretend that he has embarked upon a trip to that part of Africa and is experiencing all that the local culture has to offer. Using his imagination, ask your child to write a postcard to a friend back home describing his experiences in Africa.

On the front, ask your child to draw a picture that depicts something that he has seen or done during his travels abroad. On the back, have your child write a message to his friend explaining his picture. For example, the scene on one side might depict red sand dunes during sunrise and the written portion on the other side may read: It is 80 million years old!

They were so smooth and in the morning light, they appeared to be red! To make a very simple mobile, just clip the postcards with clothes pins to a wire hanger and hook the top part of the hanger to a planter hook inserted into the ceiling.

Now your child has an eye-catching postcard collection to share with family and friends, and no postage is required!Purpose of the activity: Learners will be able to talk about, read, and answer questions about postcards. The The wrap-up activity- a postcard writing and making activity- aims to get learners to learn by doing, in a relaxed, light-.

A collection of ESL, EFL downloadable, printable worksheets, practice exercises and activities to teach about postcard. Login Resources Printables Creative Writing: A Holiday Postcard #2 A2 Level.

By kifissia. A two page worksheet. The first details the questions to be answered in the postcard and provides a sample. The Letter Generator is a useful tool for students to learn the parts of a business or friendly letter and then compose and print letters for both styles of correspondence.

Grades K – 12 | Mobile App | Writing & Publishing Prose. RWT Postcard Creator. The Postcard Creator walks students through the full production of a postcard. A set of lovely templates, great for supporting indepent writing activities on a variety of diffierent topics.

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postcard writing activity

Jan 05,  · This activity puts your child's research and imagination skills to use as he makes a postcard that describes the many natural wonders of Africa. This lesson enables your child to interpret what he reads and then translate them in both pictorial and written form/5(15).

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