Questionnaire for brand awareness of airtel

The customer is always right, right?

Questionnaire for brand awareness of airtel

Advertising Effectiveness Abstract Advertising is an art not a science. Effectiveness of which cannot be measured with a mathematical or empirical formula some advertisers argue that advertising efforts go to waste, but every advertiser is keenly interested in measuring or in evaluation of ad.

Testing for the effectiveness of ad. It is of two types, pretesting which is done before the ad. The basic purpose of advertising effectiveness is to avoid costly mistakes, to predict the Questionnaire for brand awareness of airtel strength of alternative strength of alternative advertising strategies and to increase their efficiency.

In measurement of ad. Communication-effect advertising research helps advertisers assess advertising's communication effects but reveals little about its sales impact. Advertising's sales effect is generally harder to measure than its communication effect.

Sales are influenced by many factors besides advertising, such as the product's features, price, availability and competitors' actions. The fewer or more controllable these other factors are, the easier it is to measure advertising's effect on sales.

The sales impact is easiest to measure in direct-marketing's effect on sales. The sales impact is easiest it is to measure in direct-marketing situations and hardest measure in brand or corporate-image-building advertising. Objectives of the Study The main objective of my study is to measure "Advertising Effectiveness".


For the purpose of measuring it is to decide some other objectives of my study which are as follows: To find out the reasons for liking the advertisement of cold drinks. To find out the most popular slogan of advertisement regarding cold drinks. Primary data has been collected directly from sample respondents through questionnaire and with the help of interview.

Types Of Advertising Broadly speaking, advertising may be classified into two categories viz. Thus type of advertising usually promote specific, trended products in such a manner as to make the brands seam more desirable. It is used by business government organization and private non-business organizations to promote the uses features, images and benefits of their services and products.

Product advertising is sub-divided into direct action and indirect action advertising, Direct action product advertising wages the buyer to take action at once, ice he seeks a quick response to the advertisement which may be to order the product by mail, or mailing a coupon, or he may promptly purchase in a retail store in response to prince reduction during clearance sale.

On the other hand selective advertising is made to meet the selective demand for a particular brand or type is product. It is designed to create a proper attitude towards the sellers to build company image or goodwill rather than to sell specific product or service.

Its purpose is to create a frame of mind and to implant feeling favourable to the advertisers company.


Its assignment is to make friends for the institution or organization. It is sub-divided into three categories: The appeals to the patronage motivation of buyers. If successful, he convince buyers that his operation entitles him to the money spent by them.

Questionnaire for brand awareness of airtel

The other types are as follows: Most companies regard advertisingly main objective as hat of proving support to personal selling and other forms of promotion.

But advertising is a highly versatile communications tools and may therefore by used for achieving various short and long term objectives.

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Among these objectives are the following: To do the entire selling job as in mail order marketing. To introduce a new product by building brand awareness among potential buyers. To force middlemen to handle the product pull strategy. To build brand preference 9by making it more difficult for middleman to sell substitutes.

To remind users to buy the product retentive strategy. To publicize some change in marketing strategy e. To provide rationalization i.

Questionnaire for brand awareness of airtel

To combat or neutralize competitors advertising. To acquaint buyers and prospects with the new uses of the product to extend the PLC. Designing Advertising Campaign The advertising campaign, especially those connected with the consumers aims at achieving these objectives: The institutional advertising campaign on the other hand, have these objectives.Further, Rossiter and Percy () assert that brand awareness is a very important component of brand knowledge that is therefore reflected by a consumer’s ability to identify a brand even if it is under different conditions and is therefore related to the strength of the brand node or to a.

MARKETING STRATEGY OF AIRTEL Search engine marketing Search engine marketing, or SEM, is a form of Internet marketing that seeks to promote websites by increasing their visibility in search engine. Brand Awareness Questionnaire. APRIL 28, in BR A N D QU E STI ON N A IR E Brand awareness questionnaires test the knowledge of the customer about the various marketing aspects of the products of a firm.1/5(1).

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• Responsible for Revenue from VAS portfolio of Airtel DTH at national level. • Doubled the VAS revenue during the course of profile handled, Managed 21 services along with new age Product- Internet Tv across the genres of entertainment, lifestyle, education, gaming & grupobittia.comry: Telecommunications.

The present study empirically measures the Airtel brand personality in India using Aaker’s brand personality measurement framework (). The study involved a questionnaire survey measuring five brand personality dimensions, namely, sincerity, excitement, .

obtained through structured questionnaire and secondary data were obtained through company publications awareness and perception towards all the mobile telecommunication providers.

Consumers’ demographic Brand personality is defined as the specific mix of human traits that may be.

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