The life of an artist

Email Talk about a "brush with greatness" -- when it comes to reminiscing about the past, it's hard to beat the story one very accomplished painter tells Anthony Mason: You were not intimidated? If you have courage, you receive a few bumps here and there.

The life of an artist

Sun, June 24, 5: No one before him or since has captured the public's imagination in quite the same way. Part of it was his unlikely physical presence. He was short and slender, seemingly harmless, but his small frame rippled with muscles most people don't even know exist, and his swaggering fearlessness seemed natural, not something adopted for the silver screen.

I can't remember the last time I watched a Lee movie, but I can easily remember his characters, the faces he pulled, his graceful movements and the sound of his drawn-out yowls. Didn't matter if he was fighting Chuck Norris or Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, the little martial arts master was more than equal to the challenge.

Yet most of us only know that version of Lee, the movie star who died prematurely at age For all those intervening decades, no one has written a thorough biography of Lee until now.

A Life," which came out last week, Matthew Polly draws on a decade of research and interviews to tell a remarkable story not only of a celebrity but of a child, a teenager and a man.

As it turns out, Lee was a child film star who appeared in a variety of Hong Kong movies from the time he was 2 months old until well into his teens. That grace that marked his movements? Credit it in part to his dance background; he was Hong Kong's champion cha-cha dancer in He was also troubled and surly, but when he came to America and opened a martial arts school, he trained some of Hollywood's biggest stars, including Steve McQueen and James Coburn, before launching his own film career.

Polly breaks down some of the myths and shows Lee as a real human, arrogant, insecure and imperfect.

The life of an artist

The Oklahoman asked Polly about what he learned in writing the book. Let's talk about you for a moment. How did you get so interested in Bruce Lee, and in what ways did he influence the course of your life?

My origins story is similar to many Bruce Lee fans. I first saw "Enter the Dragon" when I was a skinny, bullied year-old, growing up in Topeka, Kansas.

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I had never seen a kung fu movie before. I had no idea who Bruce Lee was. But during those two hours, he jumped off the screen into my imagination and became my hero. This 5-foot-7, pound Chinese dude with a chiseled physique and feline swagger replaced Luke Skywalker as my ideal of total badass-ness.

I began training in the martial arts.

The life of an artist

I majored in religion and East Asian studies at Princeton University. I dropped out for two years to study kung fu with the Shaolin monks in Henan, China. I turned that experience into my first book, "American Shaolin.

A guide to building a balanced, sustainable artistic life.

Bruce Lee fundamentally altered the course of my life for the better. Tell me about that. The police found a pair of horn-rimmed glasses that no one could identify at the scene of the crime near celebrity hair stylist and Lee's friend Jay Sebring's and actress Sharon Tate's bodies.

Director Roman Polanski, who was Tate's husband and crazed with grief, believed they belonged to one of the killers, who he assumed was somebody in his own circle.

He couldn't imagine the murders were random. Polanski was one of Lee's celebrity kung fu students. During one lesson, Bruce quite casually mentioned that he had lost his pair of horn-rimmed glasses. Polanski offered to go with Bruce after class to an eyeglasses store to buy him a new pair as a gift.

As they rode in the car, Polanski's heart was racing: Could Bruce be the killer? He had the strength and skill to overwhelm multiple victims. When they arrived, Bruce selected new frames and told the clerk his prescription. Polanski breathed a huge sigh of relief. It was not the same as the lenses at the scene of the crime.

Polanski never told Bruce about his brief suspicions, only writing about it after Lee's death. Lee's death a month before the release of "Enter the Dragon" made him an international icon.

He is the only celebrity whose fame is entirely posthumous. As a result, he didn't have a clearly defined public persona.Kelly Morgan is an inspired teacher and coach. What I learned from her stayed in my heart and had a profound effect on my life. She coached me through an acrimonious divorce with one of the most vicious civil litigators in the country.

She is best known for her still life paintings, but also sometimes includes figures and landscape in her work. Her richly colored paintings and prints are virtuoso performances of painting and printmaking.

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An inspiring, passionate burst of poetic rock and roll. She met the famed artist, 40 years her senior, during the German occupation of Paris; now 95, the painter, evoking courage and humor, is still going strong.

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