The rise and preoccupation in marijuana arrests in the united states

These sources may yield different crime rates and trends. Each source has advantages and drawbacks, and each alone gives an incomplete picture of crime. In this section, we discuss these sources of data and their strengths and weaknesses. Arrest Data A common way of measuring crime is to use the Uniform Crime Reports UCRwhich are compiled from data on crimes known to the police and on arrests that are reported annually to the Federal Bureau of Investigation FBI by police agencies around the country.

The rise and preoccupation in marijuana arrests in the united states

The rise and preoccupation in marijuana arrests in the united states

One might be tempted to conclude, with over half the United States legalizing cannabis medicinally, or even recreationally, the number of marijuana arrests would be going down.

But, one might be wrong.

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At the same time the American people have been speaking up for their rights to treat themselves medicinally with cannabis, the number of marijuana arrests have also risen.

Angell stated he was able to obtain internal FBI data which shows not only have marijuana arrests gone up but someone is arrested for marijuana once every 48 seconds. The increase in marijuana arrests—, incompared toin —is driven by enforcement against people merely possessing the drug as opposed to selling or growing it, the data shows.

The rise and preoccupation in marijuana arrests in the united states

For apologists and prohibitionists, the news may be welcomed. But for those who use cannabis for their ailments, the increased rates of arrests will likely be viewed with angst, as well as bewilderment. After all, cannabis kills no one per year, all the while a raging opiate epidemic is killing 30, Americans per year.

Common sense which is apparently dead in not only the legal code but as well as law enforcement would contend to end opiate deaths, a full embrace of cannabis as a medicinal option might be beneficial. As TFTP reported, Boston doctors have an 85 percent success rate in curing opiate addiction using cannabis.

The prison industrial complex benefits financially every time a cannabis consumer is convicted and sent to prison. The court systems and probation programs made up of lawyers, DAs, and drug testing companies, also benefit financially for such arrests and convictions.

But if cops stop arresting potheads, the system loses. The bottom line profits all begin with a simple arrest for possession.

As marijuana arrests continue to rise, so do the number of unsolved murders and rapes across the country. Sixty-six percent of the rapes which take place never lead to an arrest.

And nearly half of all aggravated assaults do not lead to an arrest. Jailing such perpetrators is not nearly as profitable. But punishing weed users is.

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If ever there were a time this country wakes up to the horrid atrocity that is the drug war—it is now. Jail should be for thieves, rapists and murderers.Considering the intense academic preoccupation with the Jamaican posses throughout the s and s, the declining interest in the last several years has never really been properly explained.

Despite producing a large number of arrests, convictions, As the presence of the posses shrunk in the United States, it was on the rise in. The the rise and preoccupation in marijuana arrests in the united states Truth My opinion on learning different subjects to be used to my future About Black Lives Matter.


When Zlatan Ibrahimovic suffered a nasty-looking season-ending knee injury in April, and Manchester United declined to extend his contract in June, it. Murders and Rapes Increasingly Going Unsolved as Cannabis Arrests Surge—Despite Legalization.

New research shows cannabis arrests are on the rise at the same time over half of the United States have legalized cannabis in some form or another. Drug Use In America: Problem in Perspective The need to solve the "drug problem" has been a recurrent theme of political and social commentary in the United States for most of the past decade.

increased use of disapproved drugs precipitates more spending, more programs, more arrests and more penalties, all with little positive effect in.

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doi: / Sep 24,  · Four more states legalized marijuana in late , but cannabis arrests are continuing to rise, new FBI data reveals.

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