Why are there so many multilingual people from other cultures in the us

Browse the full list. Back inside, I find small groups exchanging tongue twisters. Others are gathering in threes, preparing for a rapid-fire game that involves interpreting two different languages simultaneously.

Why are there so many multilingual people from other cultures in the us

Indeed, language use changes over time, with one language being the predominant spoken form for certain generations, only to be replaced by another. Even in the early days of the nation, though — in fact, the early days of the colonies — more than just English could be heard in North America.

English, Spanish, Dutch, and German could be heard throughout the colonies, and, later, once the United States had formed, came the incorporation of the Louisiana Territory, an area that officially spoke French. In fact, the state of Louisiana today is a de facto bilingual state, legally recognizing both English and French.

New Mexico is another de facto bilingual state, in this case recognizing both English and Spanish. The Spanish language has a very long history in America — in fact, it was the first new language spoken in the Americas due to Spanish colonization.

Florida was once Spanish territory, as was the Louisiana Territory before it was sold back to the French. Mexico once extended far into what is today the interior of the United States. Such facts make it clear that the Spanish language and the cultures that go with it have a major impact on the fabric of Americafrom social and cultural standpoints, as well as from a commercial standpoint.

Many businesses in America are paying attention to the rise in Spanish speakers and are understanding that it pays to be bilingual.

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In order to show that their companies — and, therefore, the products and services they provide — are inclusive to everyone, business owners and executives are utilizing Spanish and Hispanic culture more and more in their business practices.

One way they achieve this is by turning to a language service provider that can offer translation and interpretation services, as well as informed business strategies regarding a diverse range of demographics.

Why are there so many multilingual people from other cultures in the us

There are nearly 3 million Chinese speakers in the country, and a million or more speakers each of Korean, Vietnamese, French, German, and Tagalog, along with almost two dozen other languages spoken by large groups in America.

Instead, it means actively extending a sense of respect and basic human value to every person by acknowledging these languages, and supporting the people and cultures that go along with them.For many years multilingual has been a controversial issue in the U.S.

This controversy deals with whether our society is being hurt or benefited by our multilingual society. Our society has the most ethnic groups than any other place.

Multilingual is The reason why there are so many people. No other people from my country live in the area (there are communities in bigger cities, but i am far from them), also being a small country, resources (all kinds of media resources.. toys.. etc) are very limited. i keep trying to use my native language with my son, but English just overwhelmed me.

There are a lot of people in the U.S. who come from Spanish speaking nations or they have parents and family that do. We also share a border with Mexico, a Spanish speaking country . Over a month period, more than 1 in 4 Americans will experience some sort of mental health disorder, from anxiety to depression.

Why are there so many multilingual people from other cultures in the us

But what about the many other nations around the world? Just how many languages are there, and why are there so many? Linguists, experts who study language, don't have all the answers.

Human beings have been communicating with spoken languages since their earliest days on Earth. Some people theorize that everyone once spoke a common . Some people dig their heels into the ground over the idea of any other language being spoken in America other than English, but here we’ll uncover why multilingualism is important and why the idea of a universal language is a myth.

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